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Integrity Central

Integrity Solutions has migrated the Integrity Central content
to our Learning Management System (LMS)

To access the LMS, select this link: Integrity Central This will bring you the home page for the LMS, from here, select “Register”, at the Registration page create a “Username”, then enter your “Email”, “First Name”, “Last Name”, then create a “Password”, the last item required is the License Key.
To receive the License Key, please select this link: License Key Request

After you receive the License Key, copy the License Key information and paste it into the License Key field and select "Register".

From the “Welcome” page, select “My Content” from the menu items,
then select “Show Content”, this brings you to "Integrity Central",
under the Integrity Central heading you will see the different TAB’s available,
“Pre-Approach”, “Approach”, “Interview”, etc…

Select the TAB you require and scroll down to see the content available.
Select a file name to open or download the item.

If you need assistance please call Michael Wright
(602) 903-1707 or email Michael Wright


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