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"You've completely changed my view on sales and selling for the better. I am now more efficient at my job and have such a higher level of overall job satisfaction! You guys are great!"

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Service that Creates Member Value and Achieves Sales Results.

  1. How can your firm ensure that all sales/service team members generate value?
  2. What enables your team members to trust your decisions and recommendations?
  3. Is your staff consistently looking to meet member needs?

Integrity Solutions® and Allied Solutions have partnered to present a new significant performance-driven training solution. The Member Advantage offers a interactive process to equip members to influence member loyalty by demonstrating ethically-driven service and sales behaviors.

Irrespective of their position within an organization, all employees can enrich each member experience through teamwork and actions to foster meaningful relationships. However, these qualities and tools cannot be absorbed intellectually – it is learned experientially. Participants can enhance their ability and commitment to create member value through a combination of appreciating team member importance, demonstrating excellent service principles, and being receptive to additional sales or services opportunities

Key program components include:

  • Member Needs-Focused Communication Model
  • Easy to Use Behavior Styles® Language
  • Structured Follow-up Modules
  • 18 Dimension Pre- and Post-Course Skills Assessment
  • Six Performance Accelerator Sessions for Ongoing Performance Improvement

Loyal team members are only possible when organisation members work with a common sense of purpose, in identifying and fulfilling needs, creating value, and building relationships.During the program, member service teams:

  • Discuss and compare Product or Process Focus and a Member-Needs Focus.
  • Practice an Effective Problem-Solving Process.
  • Make a Stronger Positive Impact on Members.
  • Identify Specific Needs by Interviewing More Effectively.
  • Use the Six Magic Words to deliver extra value.
  • Develop a flexible style of communication.
  • Identify gaps behind tension, strife or lack of productivity.


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